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Denton Creek Homecoming

Mark your calendars.
The Denton Creek Cemetery Homecoming is Saturday, May 1, 2010.
While there, pay your respects to the following:
Henry Bertling
Clara D. Taylor Bertling
John Cleveland Bertling
Annie Catherine Crowell Bertling
Lawrence Douglas Bertling
Mary Alice Bertling

For directions and pictures, click here.

New Picture/Person of the Week: Mary Tabitha Eskew Crowell

mteskew2 DSC06613


Mary Tabitha Eskew Crowell

1890's Autograph Book, Bible, Sermon Notes

Annie Catherine Crowell’s Autograph Book
with Autographs from 1891-1896

Fox Parker’s Sermons

Alice Wernli’s Bible, published approx. 1895

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Henry Bertling Family Photos

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Check out these Bertling family photos, many never before published.

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New Picture of the Week.


L.L. Fox Parker’s father and grandfather were distinguished Baptist preachers in Alabama and Texas. His brothers, too, were Baptist preachers. In last week’s “Picture of the Week,” Fox is the gentleman on the far right holding a baby, Martha.

The Parker Family

Coming soon, his sermons.

New Photos and Confederate Soldier Letters

Read about an 1895 Christmas in Luling, Texas:

Download letters from Lillie and Lula Crowell to their sister Annie

George Miller Conquest Crowell: Updated

George Crowell’s Letters Home from the Soldier’s Confederate Home:

November 1930
January 1931
May 1931

Elizabeth Parker Brown: Updated

Samuel Brown’s Family Photographs

Holloway Family Page

Brenda Brown Holloway

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Lansdale Family

James Lee Little: Updated with Family Portraits

Olsen Family

Sarah Wilson Parker: Updated

Picture of the Week: The Parker Family Portrait


Parker family in 1914.

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