Little Family

James Lee Little

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Barnes

James was born on May 1, 1840 in Alabama.

On Jan. 13, 1859 when James Lee was 18, he married Mary A. Lansdale, in Lawrence County, Alabama. They still lived in Lawrence County, Alabama in 1860 according to that year's census. He was a farmer.

James and Mary Little.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Barnes

James served in the Confederate Army, Co. C, 4 Ala. Cav., CSA.

He surrendered, and was honorably discharged, at Pond Springs, Lawrence County, Alabama at the close of the war. He had enlisted in 1862 and served until the end of the war in Company G, Wynd's Regiment. The war department could not find any record of James L. Little on its rolls in 1909, so H.J. Crow and J.M. Roberts signed affidavits in 1913 to affirm that James enlisted with them: “made a good soldier,” and served until the end of the war. Hiram J. Crow testified that he knew Little all his life, “were small boys together, being about the same age at Coutt??, Ala.” W.W. Jones of Hardeman County, Texas, also testified on James’ behalf saying that he knew him since 1855 in Florence [sic] County, Alabama.

In 1913, James Little had resided in Burleson County for 38 years, meaning he came to Texas by 1875.



Little Family Portraits courtesy of Kathryn Barnes

James died in Tunis, Burleson County, Texas on April 22 1922; he was 81. He was buried on April 23, 1922 in Chriesman Cemetery, Burleson Co., Texas.

At the time of his death, his real and personal property was valued at $2,000.

From his will:

“I, J.L. Little...[2nd] will and direct that all of my just debts be paid out of my estate and that the sum of One Hundred Dollars be paid to R.B.Little, that I am due him for value received...3rd. I will and direct that my daughter, Kate Vanmeter have the sum of Five Dollars out of my estate, she having received the other of my children heretofore. 4th. I will and direct that my daughter Birdie Thomas be paid the sum of Five Dollars out of my estate. 5th. I will and direct that my sons R.B. Little and J.J. Little, and Mollie Ellis and Nellie Butler and Alice Skinner and Sallie German and my grand-daughter Gertrude Phegley all have an equal share and share alike of the property remaining in my estate.” Written 23 Apr 1913. V.J. Sparks Executor.

See James’ Tombstone.

James’ Family Tree


John J. Little


Margaret A. Flaugan


Mary Lansdale

1. Robert Benjamin “R.B.” Little
(b. 1859 Alabama d. 1937 Texas)
Ida Johnson
2. J. Dale “J.L.” Little
(b. 1862 d. 1879)
Louisiana Elizabeth “Birdie” Little
(b. 1866 Alabama d. 1921 Texas)
Sidney Byron Thomas
4. Dr. John “J.J.” Little
(b. 1868 d. 1923)

m. Belle
5. Alice Little
(b. bef. 1870)
Tom Skinner
6. Margaret Katherine “Kate” Little
(b. 1871 Alabama d. 1960 Texas)
m. (1)
Horace Wade Vanmeter (2) Charlie Lewis White
7. Nellie Little
(b. bef. 1874)
Charlie Butler
8. W. Cadmas “W.C.” Little
(b. 1881 d. 1884)
9. Mary Little
(b. 1883 Texas)
m. (1)
Dr. Ellis (2) Hosea
10. Sallie Priscilla Little
William Earnest German