Eskew Family

Mary Tabitha Eskew Moses Crowell


Mary was born on 22 Sep 1837 in Alabama. Her middle name may have been “Tibathy.”

She first married Dr. D.C.A. Moses. Her second marriage was to G.M. Crowell, “George Miller Crowell, Sarg. Co. H., Moreland's Reg't Cavalry, Ala. who was friend and was with D.C.A. MOSES when he died.”

Download the pages of her Bible, courtesy of Johnilee Osborn:
Front Page. Births. Marriages. Memoranda.

In Her Own Words


From Annie Catherine Crowell's autograph book. This autograph was dated Luling, March 8, 1891.


Charcoal drawing.

Mary “broke housekeeping” from George and went to live with her daughter Lula’s family in Orange, Texas.

Mary died in Orange, Orange County, Texas on 6 Jul 1912; she was 74. She is buried in Orange, Orange County, Texas at Evergreen Cemetery.

See Mary’s Tombstone.

Mama’s Family
by Lillie Crowell Biggs
Transcribed by Maxine Moses Henderson.
Courtesy of Linda Watkins.

“Great Grandpaw --- Eskew, a German by birth, a wagon maker, a native of Illinois, went back there from Alabama after Great Grandpaw --- Eskew died in aprox. 1856 children, 4 children, 3 girls and one boy Daniel (2nd) -?- -?- Mary Tabatha (1st), after Great Grandma died, Great Grandpaw went back to Ill. Ma married Dr. ? Moses, 5 children, by whom three died in early life Helen, boy, boy, New, Ira, Moses lived to a ripe old age, Mr. Moses was a southern soldier and died in service with congestant chill. his body was brought to Alabama, Town ?) and buried Ma married G.M. Crowell, my father in Tenn. chills were so bad, they moved to Tenn, after a few years they moved to Texas. John & Cross were born in Tenn. Annie 1871 Lula 1876, Minnie 1877, Lillie 1879, Texas --- Columbus ????? to Luling, on Salt Flat. 1 mi east of Luling, a farmer, cotton .5 a lb planted a vinyard, they did pretty well.”

Mary’s Family Tree


Thomas Eskew

Elizabeth King

(1) Dr. Dewitt Clinton Adams Moses

(2) George Miller Conquest Crowell

With Dr. Dewitt Moses
1. Lucius Newton Moses
2. Luciene Syme Moses
3. Edward Ira Edwin Moses

With George Miller Conquest Crowell
1. John O. Franklin Crowell
(b. 1866 Alabama d. 1952)

2. Cross Conquest Crowell
(b. 1868 Alabama d. 1960)
Ada Probst
Annie Catherine Crowell
(b. 1871 Columbus, Colorado County, Texas d. 1960 Belville, Austin County, Texas)
John Cleveland Bertling
4. Lula Oma Crowell
(b. 1875 Columbus, Colorado County, Texas)
W. Claude Ramsey
5. Minnie Virginia Crowell
(b. 1877 d. 1877)
6. Lillie Alice Crowell
(b. 1879 Luling, Caldwell County, Texas d. 1971 Luling, Caldwell County, Texas)
Earnest Wiseman Wisey Biggs