George Miller Conquest Crowell’s
Letter Home

May 4, 1931
written from the Texas Confederate Home Austin, TX



Dearest Children,

just got your letter of the 22 of April shore glad to get it tho i hav been ? round and never got it till now will ancer now i am well as used only my hand and head tho can eat and sleep well sorry the hale destroid your garden and crop ? hav lots of rane and cloudy weather and i recon it will fare off some time on other Monk your uncle and your cosin Neely and 3 children come to see me from hill country they staid all nite and part of 2 days they shore loked well

hav no news only i hav got back round as for news i hav no more for i am in the hospitle tho i go where i pleas and back where i pleas i am in my room now i go to the hospitle to sleep to get some one to help me dress and do what i want them to do for me so i will ring of for this time write often and dont fale from your old Dad

G M Crowell