Littlefield Family

Bold names reflect direct ancestors only.

William Littlefield
(b. 1725 Union, South Carolina d. aft. 1799 Union, South Carolina)
Rebecca Lee

Children of William and Rebecca (Lee) Littlefield
William Littlefield
(b. 1756 Frederick, Maryland d. 1836 Etowah, Alabama)
Hannah Bryant

Children of William and Hannah (Bryant) Littlefield
Phillip Bryant Littlefield
(b. 1778 Union District, South Carolina d. 1864 Belmont, Gonzales County, Texas)
Patsey Nance

Children Phillip Bryant and Patsey (Nance) Littlefield
1. William Martin Littlefield
(b. 1807 Union, South Carolina d. Gonzales, Texas)
Jane “Jennie” McGarity
2. Zachariah Nash Littlefield
(b. 1809 Union, South Carolina d. 1866 Belmont, Gonzales County, Texas)
Mary Ann Boyd McGarity
3. Fleming Littlefield
(b. 1811 Union, South Carolina d. 1853 Gonzales)
Mildred Terrell Satterwhite
4. George Washington Littlefield
(b. 1813 Union, South Carolina d. 1822 Union, South Carolina)
5. Elena Nancy Littlefield
(b. 1814 Union, South Carolina)
John H. McGarity
6. Oliver Hazzard Penny Littlefield
(b. 1816 Union, South Carolina d. 1893 Eastland, Eastland County, Texas)
Frances Neel
7. Andrew Jackson Littlefield
(b. 1817 Union, South Carolina d. 1880 Forest Home, Desha County, Arkansas)
Frances Baliew
8. Robert Lee Littlefield
(b. 1818 Union, South Carolina d. 1891 Painted Rock, Tom Green County, Texas)
Sarah Jane Hunt
9. Martha Caroline Littlefield
(b. 1825 Union, South Carolina d. 1860 Belmont, Gonzales County, Texas)
Phillip Bryant Littlefield Jr.
(b. 1827 Union, South Carolina d. 1869 Seguin, Guadalupe County, Texas)
Rhoda Ann Burris

Children of Phillip Bryant and Rhoda Ann (Burris) Littlefield
1. Amanda Littlefield
(b. 3 Apr 1857 Texas d. 15 Jan 1925 San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas)
Sam Callison
Rice Littlefield
(b. 1868 Texas d. 1924 Moffatt, Bell County, Texas)
m. (1)
Sallie Adams (2) Emma Richardson

Children of Rice and Sallie (Adams) Littlefield
1. Dora Blanche Littlefield
(b. 1887 Gonzales, Texas d. 1910 Elm Grove, Fayette County, Texas)
Samuel Jenkins Brown
2. Dent Littlefield
(b. 1890)
3. Leslie Littlefield
(b. 1892)
4. George R. Littlefield
(b. 1894 d. 1948)
5. Fay Littlefield
(b. 1897)
Clem Longley
6. Homer Littlefield
(b. 1899)