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Nathan Washington Brown


Nathan was born on 15 Nov 1853 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

On 10 May 1877 when Nathan was 23, he married Elizabeth Harrison Betty Braddock, in Fayette County, Texas.


Nathan Brown with grandson Woody.

Photos courtesy of Betty Sanders.

Nathan was a blacksmith and a farmer.

A description of part of the land Nathan owned in Fayette County states:

All that certain tract or parcel of land, part of the Jacob Stiffler League and Labor, situated in Fayette County, Texas, on the waters of Peach Creek about 25 miles S.W. from the City of LaGrange, and being a part of a 571 1/4 acre survey made for R. Foley out of said League, and being the same land described in a Partition Deed from N.W. Brown, surviving husband of Bettie H. Brown, to Samuel L. Brown, dated January 29, 1904, filed October 1, 1904, and recorded in Book “76”, Page 289 & 290, Deed Records, Fayette County, Texas, and being described by metes and bounds as follows, to-wit.

Nathan Washington died in Fayette County, Texas on 6 Oct 1941; he was 87. He is buried in Colony Cemetery, Fayette County, Texas.

See Nathan’s Tombstone.

Colony Cemetery.

Nathan’s Family Tree


Samuel Jenkins Brown


Jane Ann DeMoss


Elizabeth Harrison (“Betty”) Braddock

1. George Lenard Brown
Julia Mae Brown
Ada N. Brown
Wesley Ballard
Samuel Jenkins Brown
Dora Blanche Littlefield