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Samuel Jenkins Brown

Samuel was born on 19 Jan 1813 in Missouri.

On 17 Dec 1842, he married Jane Ann DeMoss, in Union County, Arkansas. The text of their marriage license reads: “Samuel Brown, 24, to Jane Ann Denoss [sic], 17, both of Claiborne Parish, La., on December 17, 1842 by Richard Wright, JP.”

Samuel was a Methodist minister and a farmer. He and Jane Ann were the first of this line of Browns to settle in the Colony and Elm Grove areas, near Flatonia, of Fayette County. Descendants still live on the land that Samuel and Jane Ann settled and many descendants live in the area.

Samuel is the namesake for the generation-skipping Samuels: his son
Nathan named his own son Samuel Jenkins. The son of this Samuel Jenkins, Marvin, named his son Samuel.
Samuel died on 20 Sep 1879; he was 66. He is buried in Colony Cemetery, in Colony, Fayette County, Texas. A mason symbol is inscribed on his headstone.

See Samuel’s Tombstone.

Colony Cemetery.

Samuel Brown was the first person to be buried at Colony Cemetery, the final resting place of 5 to 6 generations of his descendants. Descendant Juanita “Polly” Beck, descended from Samuel’s son William Henry Brown, was instrumental in having a state historical marker placed at Colony Cemetery that recognizes Samuel Brown.

Samuel’s Family Tree


Leonard Brown


Mary Ann Simpson


Jane Ann DeMoss

(Samuel’s Descendants)

1. George Leonard Brown
2. Andrew Jackson (“Jack”) Brown
Alice Campbell
3. William Henry (“Billy”) Brown
Mary Frances (“Molly”) Westbrook
4. Mary Jane “Mollie” Brown
Melvin C. Sellers
5. Nathan Washington Brown
Elizabeth “Betty” Harrison Braddock
6. Frances E. (“Fannie”) Brown
William (Henry Wilson) Braddock
7. Nancy (“Nannie”) K. Brown
George Washington Bowers
8. Samuel Price Brown
Arthur Ellen Wallis
9. Martha California (“Callie”) Brown
John Williams Bowers