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Eliza H. Foster Thomas


This photo may be Eliza Foster. It was a tin-type photo taken about the same time as the picture of Sidney Thomas according to Carol Prescott, whose mother owned the picture. Kathryn Barnes suggested this is Cornelia “Nin” Thomas Hall.
However, it is not clear why Nin who was younger than Sidney would look older than him in this picture. Kathryn suggests that the accompanying picture is of Nin's husband Richard Wallace Hall and not James K. Thomas.

Eliza Foster was born on 27 Mar 1823, in South Carolina.

She died after 1870 in Texas. She is buried at Evant, Coryell County, Texas.

Eliza’s Family Tree


James I. Foster

Elizabeth Henderson Stribling

James Keith Thomas

1. James K. Thomas
2. Monroe H. Thomas
Sidney Byron Thomas
Louisiana Elizabeth “Birdie” Little
4. Mary E. Thomas
5. Charles P. Thomas
6. Cornelia Keith “Nin”