Williamson Family

Trophimas Williamson

Trophimas (or Triphemius) was born in 1812 in Virginia.

On 3 Jan 1837 when Trophimas was 25, he married Martha Ann Files, in Wilcox County, Alabama.

He was a farmer, and a justice of the peace.

T.P. Williamson helped arrange speakers for the Railroad Barbecue Meeting in October 1857 held at Choctaw Corner, Clarke County, Alabama.

Trophimas died in 1890.

Trophimas’s Family Tree

Stephen Matthias Williamson

Sarah Bennett

Martha Ann Files

1. Sarah Marie Williamson
(b. 1840 Alabama d. 1897)
Rev. Peter Edward Kirven
2. John Matthias Williamson
(b. 1840 Marengo Co., Alabama d. 1914 Wilcox Co., Alabama)
m. (1)
Fredonia McCaskey
(b. 1841 d. 1885)
Catherine Adella Jefrey
(b. 1850 d. 1913 Wilcox Co., Alabama)
3. George F. Williamson
(b. 1842 Wilcox Co., Alabama d. 1863)
Clara Foster
4. Triphemius Philip Williamson
(b. 1844 Wilcox Co., Alabama)
Clara Barrow
5. James David Williamson
(b. 1846 Wilcox Co., Alabama d. 1888 Jefferson Co., Alabama)
Lavinia Frances McGrew
6. Susan Martha “Sue” Williamson
(b. 1848 Wilcox Co., Alabama d. 1923 Texas)
William Allen Parker
(b. 1848 Choctaw Co., Alabama d. 1914 Texas)
7. Charles A. Williamson
(b. 1849 Wilcox Co., Alabama d. 1925)
Elizabeth Armistead Davis
8. Emma Williamson
(b. 1851 Wilcox Co., Alabama)
9. Isabella Williamson
(b. 1859 Clarke Co., Alabama)