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William Adams

William Adams was born in 1759 in Craven, North Carolina. He was on the census for Morgan County, Tennessee, in 1830. On 20 Oct 1781, when William was 22, he married Mary Gooding, daughter of Aaron Gooding (about 1734-1787 or 1789) and Rebecca Dean (1734 or 1738-after 1787), in Dobbs, North Carolina. Mary was born on 15 May 1759 in Jones County, North Carolina.

William served as an ensign under Colonel Avery, William Bush adjutant and Lieutenant Martin Franks and James Blacksher during the American Revolution, according to his wife’s Application for Benefits under the Act of Congress, 7 Jul 1838.

“1839. Personally appeared before me...Mary Adams a Resident citizen of the County of Morgan State of Tennessee aged 80 years the 15th day of May next...states that she was born and raise in the County of Jones in North Carolina that she was raised from a child within few miles of her Deceased husband William Adams.... She states that well recollects her said husband entering the service some time in the fall or winter season of the year, and continuing in the service to her best knowledge and being founded on her own knowledge of his starting and returning from service...agreeable to the best of her opinion his service was performed between the latter part of the year 1780 and the latter part of the month of august 1781. She is not certain whether he was a drafted man or not.... She has often heard him speak of being in service in the Carolinas and of being in service at Wilmington and at the Nuse and being in a skirmish at the Long bridge in North Carolina...and of his being and acting as a cook for the officers. After her said husband returned from his said service that she was married to him by Justice Jacob Johnsing living just a crop the county line and in Dobbs County North Carolina. They having just went to Whiley Franks a Justice of the County of Jones to be married, and he having been from home we then went to Jacob Johnson’s in Dobbs County, North Carolina and was married at his house on the 20th day of October in the year seventeen hundred and eighty one, that she has no record of Declarant’s age...she knows that her oldest son David Adams had a record of Declarants age...that her maiden name was Gooden.”

Mary Adams’ Application for Benefits under the Act of Congress, 7 Jul 1838.

William died in Morgan County, Tennessee, on 19 Jun 1832; he was 73. Mary died in Morgan County, Tennessee, aft 1839; she was 79.

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John Adams


Mary Ivy


Mary Gooding

1. David Adams
(b. 1783 Jones Co., NC d. 1862 Iron Co., Missouri)
Rachel Koonce
2. Mary Ann Adams
(b. 1798 North Carolina)
Jonathan Thrailkill
3. Abraham Adams